Key Control Should Control Access and Costs

key security

In all projects where loss prevention is responsible, the key system is often a forgotten or neglected asset that can cost more than the security budget. The importance of maintaining a secure key system can also be overlooked, despite the obvious security risks, because it is often costly and time-consuming to regain control of the system, but the system can easily become out of control again. However, if the security of the key system is always under control, some losses are prevented before risks arise, especially in case of internal theft.

Why is key control important in addition to maintaining access control?
Having an overview of the key system at all times is not only for the security of the perimeter and sensitive internal areas, but also in relation to the cost control factor. Losing control of the key system if the overview of the keys is lost will lead to frequent lock or cylinder changes. We know that each replacement is very costly, especially for those master key systems that play a central role. The goal of key control should revolve first and foremost around reducing the number of lost and replaced keys.

Key systems will impact operating expenses
In most organizations, key system costs are often classified as a miscellaneous expense, taking up a small portion of the budget and making it easy to overlook. But it is actually a sunk loss, an unaccounted for but unavoidable cost. At the end of the year, the management committee will be surprised that they have spent too much on key systems due to negligent attention. Therefore, we recommend that key system costs be a separate budget line within the annual statement for tracking and auditing purposes.

How do key systems affect losses?
Most organizations have policies that prohibit the provision of keys to unauthorized individuals and policies that prohibit leaving keys in areas where they can be accessed or borrowed. However, because they have no way to track keys, they usually do not hold keyholders accountable enough. Even then, keyholders are rarely audited after their keys are used. Even more worrisome is the fact that keys can be copied without authorization. Thus, despite the issuance of keys to authorized personnel, operators can never truly know who has the keys and what those keys may open. This leaves a lot of opportunity for internal theft, which is one of the main causes of business shrinkage.

Electronic key control systems can help organizations in any industry strengthen their key control policies, improve key auditing and tracking, and develop more accountable employees. With quick self-service access for authorized employees, you have complete control over who has access to which physical keys and when. With web-based key management software, you can easily achieve these goals from any authorized computer, tablet or even cell phone in your network. In addition, our solution can be integrated into your existing business systems, such as access control or human resources, making management easier and improving your operational processes.

Post time: Mar-13-2023