Protect Pharmaceuticals with Key Curfews

Protect Pharmaceuticals with Key Curfews

LandwellWEB allows you to set curfews on any key, and you can choose between two types of curfews: range of hours and length of time, both of which play a significant role in protecting pharmaceuticals.

Some customers use this feature to tie it to a shift schedule, such as 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, to help ensure employees don't accidentally take keys home.

Key Curfew Settings

The length of the curfew can prevent the rapid loss of medicines. We helped a pharmaceutical manufacturer solve a challenge using a key curfew. They have large lockable freezers filled with bags of temperature-sensitive medications worth millions of dollars each. If the refrigerator is left on all the time, the drug will degrade. So we helped them deploy a key curfew system with a 20-minute timer. Staff members assigned to inspect freezers are required to use and return keys in a timely manner, otherwise supervisors will be alerted to the person and freezer in question.

Post time: Jun-14-2023