Access Electronic Key Storage Cabinet

Short Description:

This smart key cabinet has 18 key positions, which can improve the company’s office efficiency and prevent the loss of keys and valuable items. Using it will save a lot of manpower and resources.

  • Model : A-180E
  • Key Capacity: 18 Keys
  • Color: white
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    A-180E (3)


    intelligent key control & storage solution

    • You always know who removed the key and when it was taken or returned
    • Define access rights to users individually
    • Monitor how often it was accessed and by whom
    • Invoke alerts in case of missing key or overdue keys
    • Secure storage in steel cabinets or safes
    • Keys are secured by seals to RFID tags
    • Access keys with fingerprint, card ,face andPIN code

    The main function

    Landwell solutions provides intelligent key management and equipment management access control to better protect your important assets - resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operation costs and significantly less administration costs.

    A-180E (4)

    Product Infomation

    • Key Capacity: 18 Keys / Key Sets
    • Body Materials: Cold Rolled Steel
    • Surface Treatment: Paint baking
    • Dimensions(mm):  (W)500 X (H)400 X (D)180
    • Weight: 16Kg net
    • Display: 7” Touch screen
    • Network: Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi (4G optional)
    • Management: Standalone or Networked
    • User Capacity: 10,000 per system
    • User Credentials: PIN, Fingerprint, RFID Card or their combination
    • Power Supply AC 100~240V 50~60Hz

    Why choose Landwell

    • Securely lock all your dealer keys in one cabinet
    • Determine which employees have access to which car keys, and at what time
    • Limit users' working hours
    • key curfew
    • Send alerts to users and managers if keys are not returned on time
    • Keep records and view images of every interaction
    • Support multiple systems for networking
    • Support OEM to customize your key system
    • Easily integrates with other systems to ensure smooth operation with minimal effort


    • Accommodation industry
    • Real Estate Holiday Letting
    • Automotive Service Centres
    • Car Rental and Hire
    • Remote Vehicle Collection Centres
    • Vehicle Swap Over Points
    • Hotels, Motels, Backpackers
    • Caravan Parks
    • After Hours Key Pickup

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