15 Keys Capacity Key Storage Safe Cabinet with Touch Screen

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With a key control system, you can keep track of all your keys, restrict who can and cannot have access, and control when and where your keys can be used. With the ability to track keys in this key management system, you won’t have to waste time looking for lost keys or buying new ones.

  • Model: H3000
  • Key Capacity: 15 Keys
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    The H3000 serves as an advanced key management system designed for safeguarding keys and other valuable assets, demanding stringent security measures and meticulous tracking. Functioning as an electronically operated steel cabinet, it imposes access restrictions on keys or key sets, permitting opening solely by individuals with proper authorization.

    Characterized by its compact structure, sophisticated aesthetics, and innovative design, this product stands out prominently in its category, demonstrating strong competitiveness compared to similar offerings.

    The H3000 meticulously logs instances of key removals and returns, capturing information on the individuals responsible and the corresponding timestamps. Serving as a crucial enhancement to traditional key systems, the intelligent key fob reliably secures keys in position and continuously monitors their status, ensuring they remain readily available for use, even when temporarily removed.


    • 4.5″ Android mini touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
    • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
    • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
    • PIN, Card, Fingerprint, Face ID access to designated keys
    • Keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff only
    • Remote control by off-site administrator to remove or return keys
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Networked or Standalone



    Dimensions W240mm X H500mm X D140mm(W9.6" X H19.7" X D5.5")
    Net Weight approx. 12.5Kg (27.6 lbs)
    Body Materials Cold Rolled Steel
    Key Capacity up to 15 keys or key sets
    Colors White + Gray
    Installation Wall Mounting
    Environmental suitability -20° to +55°C, 95% non-condensing relative humidity


    Communication               1 * Ethernet RJ45, 1 * Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n                          
    USB 1 * USB port


    Operating System           Based on Android                                                             
    Memory 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM


    Display 4.5" 854*480 pixels touchscreen                                       
    Fingerprint Reader          Capacitive fingerprint sensor
    RFID Reader 125KHz frequency card reader
    LED Status LED
    Phsical Button 1 * Reset button
    Speaker Have


    Power Supply                  In: 100~240 VAC, Out: 12 VDC                                         
    Consumption 24W max, typical 11W idle


    Certificates                      CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA                                                      

    Application scenarios

    • Work Offices
    • Homestay
    • Hotel
    • Hospital
    • Campus
    • Retail
    • and More
    Key Control Applcation Sectors

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