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The Landwell electronic key cabinet with door closer is the new generation to control and manage keys. The new and improved key cabinets from Electronic Key Cabinets offer automated key control, a touchscreen for easy operation, and a door closer to keep your keys safe and sound. Our key cabinets are also the most affordable on the market, and they come with all the newest features. Plus, our web-based management software makes it easy to keep track of your keys from anywhere in the world.

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    Stop worrying about things you can't control keys

    Most retailers have policies about not giving keys to unauthorized individuals, and policies against leaving keys where they can be taken or borrowed. But often enough responsibility is not imposed on the key holder, as most retailers have no way to keep track of the keys. Even when they do, keyholders are rarely, if ever, audited after the key is released. Even more worrying is that most retailers have a keyed system with keys that can be copied without authorization. So, despite issuing keys to authorized personnel, the retailer can never really know who has the keys and what those keys might unlock.

    Keys grant access to your organization’s most important resources; you should protect them relentlessly. Logging and analyzing who is using keys — and where they are using them — can provide insight into business data that you might not otherwise be able to gather.

    Benefis of  Key Control

    • Reduce risk of misplaced and lost keys
    • Key no longer need to be labeled, minimizing security risks if keys are lost
    • Improved flexibility because keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff
    • Keys are return quickly because users know they are both accountable and traceable
    • Lower maintenance costs because users are taking better care of the equipment
    • Improved utilization of equipment because staff can immediately report damage to equipment through the system (and the service department can respond more quickly)
    • Lower operational costs with central key management as fewer resources are needed to distribute and manage large numbers of keys
    • Increased visibility and organization of key use
    • Reporting feature provides data useful to identify patterns such as vehicle performance, staff reliability and more
    • Enhanced security benefits such as the ability to enable a system lockdown remotely, temporarily preventing all users from accessing the key cabinets
    • Option to be a standalone solution with no need for a connection to an IT network
    • Option to integrate with current systems such as access control, video surveillance, fire and safety, human resources, ERP systems, fleet management, time and attendance, and Microsoft Directory.

    Data Sheet

    Key Capacity Manage up to 4 ~ 200 keys
    Body Materials Cold Rolled Steel
    Thickness 1.5mm
    Color Gray-White
    Door solid steel or window doors
    Door Lock Electric lock
    Key Slot Key slots strip
    Android Terminal RK3288W 4-Core, Android 7.1
    Display 7” touchscreen (or custom)
    Storage 2GB + 8GB
    User Credentials PIN code, Staff card, Fingerprints, Facial Reader
    Administration Networked or Standalone

    Learn about it

    The new and improved electronic key cabinets from LANDWELL offer automated key control, touchscreen operation, and a door closer for the ultimate in security and convenience. Our best prices and newest features make these key cabinets the perfect choice for any business or organization. Plus, our web-based management software provides instant access to your cabinet's contents from anywhere in the world.



    Landwell key cabinets are the perfect way to manage and control your keys. With a range of sizes, capacities, and features available, with or without door closers, solid steel or window doors, and other functional options. So, there's a key cabinet system to suit your need. All cabinets are fitted with an automated key control system and can be accessed and managed via web-based software. Plus, with a door closer fitted as standard, access is always quick and easy.


    The automatic door closer enables the key cabinet system to automatically return to its initial state after you remove the key, reducing contact with the system's door locks and thus greatly reducing the risk of disease transmission. High quality and Sturdy hinges organize any external threats of violence, protecting the keys and assets inside the cabinet.




    The Key Tag is the heart of the key management system. The RFID key tag can be used for identification and the triggering of an event on any RFID reader. The key tag enables easy access without waiting time and without tedious handing signing in and signing out.


    The Key receptor strips come standard with 10 key positions and 8 key positions. Locking key slots strip lock key tags in place and will only unlock them to authorized users. As such, the system provides the highest level of security and control for those with access to the protected keys and is recommended for those who need a solution that restricts access to each individual key. Dual-color LED indicators at each key position guide the user to quickly locate keys, and provide clarity as to which keys a user is allowed to remove. Another function of the LEDs is that they illuminate a pathway to the correct return position, should a user place a key set in the wrong place.




    Having a User Terminal with a touchscreen on key cabinets provides users with an easy and fast way to remove and return their keys. It's user-friendly, nice, and highly customizable. In addition, it offers complete features to administrators for managing keys.

    Landwell electronic key management systems have been applied to a range of sectors across the world and help to improve security, efficiency and safety.


    Is it right for you

    An intelligent key cabinet might be right for your business if you experience the following challenges:

    • Difficulty keeping track of and distributing a large number of keys, fobs, or access cards for vehicles, equipment, tools, cabinets, etc.
    • Time wasted in manually keeping track of numerous keys (e.g., with a paper sign-out sheet)
    • Downtime looking for missing or misplaced keys
    • Staff lack accountability to look after shared facilities and equipment
    • Security risks in keys being brought off premised (e.g., accidentally taken home with staff)
    • The current key management system not adhering to the organization’s security policies
    • Risks of having no re-key the entire system if a physical key goes missing

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