Factory Direct Landwell XL i-keybox Key Tracking System 200 Keys

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The key management system has a large key capacity, and its body shell is made of strong cold-rolled steel plate for floor-standing installation. The systems identify and manage keys using RFID technology, restrict the access and control of physical keys or assets, and automatically record the log of key check-in and key check-out, allowing managers to have an overview of keys at any time. It is very suitable for factories, schools, and fleets , transportation facilities, museums and casinos and other places. 

  • Model: i-keybox-XL (Android Touch)
  • Key Capacity: 200 Keys
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    The issue of key control is an important risk management function. The risk varies greatly depending upon the size of your organization and number of vehicles. None the less, it is important for our members to develop guidelines or procedures addressing key control. Without good key control procedures a member can increase their risk such as:

    • Unauthorized use of a vehicle.
    • Potential for theft.
    • Loss of keys.
    • Accidents and damage to a vehicle.

    Risk of bad Keys control


    LANDWELL Key Management System with Audit Trail


    Simple and secure key deposit and pick up for your customers, at any time.

    With the Landwell key control system in place, your team will know where all keys are at all times, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets, facilities, and vehicles are safe.


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    Improve security, efficiency, and safety whatever industry you are in

    Despite the growing sophistication of business security, the management of physical keys remains a weak link. At worst, they're hung on hooks for public viewing or hidden somewhere behind a drawer on the manager's desk. If lost or falls into the wrong hands, you risk losing access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, lockers, cabinets and vehicles.

    what keys

    Secure Simple Key Management Solutions


    • Big, bright 7″ Android touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
    • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
    • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
    • PIN, Card, Fingerprint, Face ID access to designated keys
    • Keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff only
    • Remote control by off-site administrator to remove or return keys
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Networked or Standalone
    it can manage up to 70 keys
    Physical Key Management for Casinos03



    • Comes with 10-20 X10 key slots strips, and manage up to 100~200 keys
    • Cold Rolled Steel Plate, 1.5mm chickness
    • About 130Kg
    • Solid steel doors or clear glass doors
    • In 100~240V AC, Out 12V DC
    • 30W max, typical 24W idle
    • Floor Installation
    XL Size

    User Terminal

    • Big, bright 7" touchscreen
    • Built-in Android System
    • RFID reader
    • Facial reader
    • Fingerprint reader
    • Status LED
    • USB port inside
    • Networking, Ethernet or Wi-Fi
    • Custom Options: RFID Reader, Internet Accessing

    RFID Key Tag

    • 125KHz
    • One-time Seal
    • Variety colors option
    • Contactless, so no wear
    • Works without a battery
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