K26 26 Keys Capacity Automated Electronic Key Cabinet with Key Audit

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Keylongest Electronic Key Control System enables you to track and control all of your keys and restrict who can access them, where they are taken, and when. Instead of spending time looking for misplaced keys or having to replace missing ones, you can rest comfortably with the ability to track keys in real time. With the right system in place, your team will know where all keys are at all times, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets, facilities, and vehicles are safe.

  • Model: K26
  • Key Capacity: 26 Keys
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    • Big, bright 7″ Android touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
    • Modular design
    • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
    • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
    • Plug & Play solution with advanced RFID technology
    • Standalone Edition and Network Edition
    • PIN, Card, Fingerprint, Face ID access to designated keys

    Data sheet

    Product Name Electronic Key Cabinet Model K26
    Brand Landwell Origin Beijing, China
    Body Materials Steel Color White, Black,  Gray,Wooden
    Dimensions W566 * H380 * D177 mm Weight 17Kg
    User Terminal Based on Android Screen 7“ Touch
    Key Capacity 26 User Capacity 10,000 people
    User Identification PIN, Fingerprint, RF Card Data Storage 2GB + 8GB
    Network Ethernet, Wifi USB port inside the cabinet
    Administration Networked or Stand-alone
    Power Supply In: AC100~240V, Out: DC12V Power Consumption 24W max, Typical 10W idle
    Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO


    RFID Key Fob

    Landwell Intelligent key management solutions turn conventional keys into clever keys that do much more than just open doors. They become a critical tool in increasing accountability and visibility over your facilities, vehicles, tools, and equipment. We find physical keys at the core of every business, for controlling access to facilities, fleet vehicles, and sensitive equipment. When you can control, monitor, and record your company's key use, your valuable assets are more secure than ever before.




    Keep keys onsite and secure. Only authorized users are able to access the electronic key management system.


    100% maintenance free
    With contactless RFID technology, inserting the tags in the slots does not result in any wear and tear


    Allow employees to retrieve keys quickly without waiting for a manager.


    Increased efficiency
    Reclaim time you'd otherwise spend searching for keys, and reinvest it into other important areas of operations. Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record-keeping.


    Reduced costs
    Prevent lost or misplaced keys, and avoid pricey rekeying expenses.


    Real time gain insight into who took what keys and when, whether they were returned.

    Who Need It

    * Schools
    * Police forces
    * Government Facilities
    * Retail Environments
    * Hotels / Resorts
    * Convention Centers
    * Sports Centres
    * Hospitals
    * Utilities
    * Factories
    * Petrochemical Plants
    * Museums/Libraries
    * Auto Dealerships
    * Diamond/ Gold Mines* Military Installations


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