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Smart key cabinets play an important role in the digital transformation of China’s manufacturing industry. This technology combines intelligent and IoT technologies to provide a more efficient and secure key management solution for businesses and individuals.LANDWELL realizes the need for simple and accurate key tracking for all types of businesses at home and abroad.

  • Model:: K26
  • Key Capacity:: 26 keys
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    Digital China Manufacturing Smart Key Cabinet has the following features and advantages:

    1. Intelligent management: smart key cabinet adopts advanced intelligent management system, which can realize intelligent distribution, tracking and monitoring of keys. Through mobile APP or web interface, users can check the use of keys and control them remotely anytime and anywhere.
    2. Security: Multiple security measures, such as password lock, face recognition, personnel card, etc., are used to ensure that only authorized personnel can obtain the keys. At the same time, the smart key cabinet is also equipped with anti-prying and fire prevention functions, improving the security of keys and related assets.
    1. Enhance efficiency: Intelligent key cabinet can realize the automatic return of keys and return reminder, avoiding the management chaos caused by lost keys or being taken out without authorization. Users can quickly find the keys they need and make appointments to pick up the keys according to their needs, which greatly improves management efficiency.
    2. Data analysis: The intelligent key cabinet can record the use of each key, including the time of use, the user and other information. Through the analysis of these data, it can help enterprises understand the use of keys, optimize the key management process and improve resource utilization.
    3. Customized service: For different industries and needs, intelligent key cabinet can be customized design and service to meet the specific needs of customers. For example, the key cabinet used in the factory production line can be integrated with the production management system to realize the automated management of the production process.

    The promotion and application of digital China manufacturing intelligent key cabinet will further promote the intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing industry and enhance the management level and competitiveness of enterprises.



    • Big, bright 7″ Android touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
    • Robust, long-life key fobs with security seals
    • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
    • Illuminated key slot
    • PIN, Card, Face ID to access designated keys
    • Keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff only
    • Standalone Edition and Network Edition
    • Keys audit and reporting capacity via screen/USB port/Web
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Emergency Release System
    • Multi-system networking



    Dimensions W566mm X H380mm X D177mm(W22.3" X H15" X D7")
    Net Weight approx. 19.6Kg (43.2 lbs)
    Body Materials Steel + ABS
    Key Capacity up to 26 keys or key sets
    Colors White, Gray, Wood grain or custom
    Installation Wall Mounting
    Environmental suitability -20° to +55°C, 95% non-condensing relative humidity


    Communication     1 * Ethernet RJ45, 1 * Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    USB 1 * USB port inside


    Operating System Based on Android
    Memory 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM                             


    Display 7" 600*1024 pixels fullview touchscreen
    Facial Reader 2 million pixel binocular wide dynamic face recognition camera
    Fingerprint Reader                 Capacitive fingerprint sensor
    RFID Reader 125KHz +13.56 dual frequency card reader
    LED Breathing LED
    Phsical Button 1 * Reset button
    Speaker Have


    Power Supply In: 100~240 VAC, Out: 12 VDC   
    Consumption 21W max, typical 18W idle 



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