Car key management with Alcohol Tester

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The alcohol detection vehicle smart key management cabinet is a device that combines alcohol detection technology and smart key management functions. It is designed to prevent drunk driving and other dangerous behaviors while effectively managing vehicle keys.

  • Key Capacity: 54 keys
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    Main technical introduction

    1. Alcohol Detection Technology: The device is equipped with alcohol detection sensors, which can detect the alcohol content in the user's breath. This can be done by the user blowing into a designated sensor or by other means.
    2. Vehicle Key Management: The intelligent key management system securely stores and manages vehicle keys. Keys can only be retrieved after alcohol detection confirms that the user's alcohol content is within a safe range.
    3. Smart Identification and Authorization: The system typically features smart identification methods such as Face recognition, password input, or RFID cards to ensure that only authorized users can access the keys.
    4. Real-time Monitoring and Alarming: The device can monitor alcohol content in real-time and trigger alarms when high alcohol content is detected, reminding users not to drive or engage in other risky behaviors.
    1. Logging and Reporting: The cabinet usually has the capability to log each usage and generate reports. These reports can help administrators understand usage patterns, including who accessed the cabinet, when and where, and alcohol content levels.

    Through these features, the alcohol detection vehicle smart key management cabinet effectively enhances vehicle safety and prevents dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving.


    One Key, One Locker

    Landwell offers Intelligent Key Management Systems, ensuring keys receive the same level of security as valuable assets. Our solutions enable organizations to electronically control, monitor, and record key movement, enhancing asset deployment efficiency. Users are held accountable for lost keys. With our system, only authorized employees can access designated keys, and software allows for monitoring, control, usage recording, and management report generation.


    Fast and Convenient Alcohol Detection Method


    Breath alcohol testing, or breathalyzer testing, is a common alcohol detection method that measures the alcohol content in exhaled breath. Users blow into a specialized sensor device, which quickly detects the alcohol concentration in the breath. This method is fast, convenient, and often used for preliminary alcohol screening, such as at traffic checkpoints or workplaces.

    RFID technology

    The smart key cabinet uses RFID technology to realize intelligent management of keys. Each key is equipped with an RFID tag and an RFID reader is installed in the cabinet. By approaching the cabinet door, the reader authorizes the user to access the key, which improves security and efficiency and records usage to facilitate subsequent management and monitoring.


    Application scenarios

    1. Fleet Management: Ensures safe vehicle usage by managing keys for enterprises' vehicle fleets.
    2. Hospitality: Manages rental vehicle keys in hotels and resorts to prevent drunk driving among guests.
    3. Community Services: Provides shared car services in communities, ensuring renters don't drive under the influence.
    4. Sales and Showrooms: Safely stores keys for display vehicles, preventing unauthorized test drives.
    5. Service Centers: Manages customer vehicle keys in automotive service centers for secure access during repairs.

    In essence, these cabinets promote safety by controlling access to vehicle keys, preventing incidents like drunk driving.

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