Landwell DL-S Smart Key Locker For Estate Agents

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Our cabinets are the perfect solution for car dealerships and real estate firms that want to ensure their assets and property keys are safe.The cabinets feature high-security lockers that use electronic technology to keep your keys secure 24/7 – no more dealing with lost or misplaced keys. All of the cabinets come with a digital display so you can easily keep track of what key belongs in each cabinet, allowing you to locate them quickly and efficiently.

  • Model: DL-S
  • Key Capacity: 14 Keys
  • Specification: Key Control
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    key control for Real estate

    Physical keys provide access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles and are one of your organization's most important assets, which is why having a high security key management system and electronic key cabinets is critical .

    Too many businesses still rely on a logbook where rough details of key removal and return are manually entered, confirmed by illegible signatures. It's an inefficient, unreliable arrangement that makes keeping track of keys a near-impossible task.


    Landwell's smart key management solutions and electronic key management systems secure, manage and audit the use of each key. The system ensures that only authorized employees have access to custom key cabinets and then assigned keys. A highly secure key management system provides a full audit trail of who took keys, when they took them and when they were returned, keeping your employees accountable. Our critical control systems can either work as stand-alone systems that do not require network capabilities, or can be networked.


    Materials: Cold Rolled Steel

    Ket Capacity: up to 14 Keys

    Dimensions: W730 x H510x D200


    DL-S Key Cabinet


    Key locking slot inside a single locker

    Double color LED

    RFID Reader

    Electric Magnet


    the basic element of key management systems, is used for identification and the triggering of an event on any RFID reader. The key tag enables easy access without waiting time and without tedious handing signing in and signing out.

    A-180E Electronic Key Management System2


    Based in Android

    Big, bright 7" touch screen

    Facial reader

    Fingerprint reader

    RFID reader

    Ethernet, Wi-Fi and/or Mobile network

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