Keylongest 26-Key Automatic Key Dispenser

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K26 Automatic Key Dispenser for issuing 26 keys 24 hours a day! The perfect affordable solution for providing keys to your late check-in guests for hotels, motels, holiday accommodation, and rental/hire cars.

Easy installation and Set up, just screws to the wall and plugs into an available power point. No Software Required, Just a browser. 

  • Model: K26
  • Key Capacity: 26 Keys
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    A new way to let your employees into their workplace.

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    Automatic Key Dispenser

    Despite the growing sophistication of business security, the management of physical keys remains a weak link. At worst, they're hung on hooks for public viewing or hidden somewhere behind a drawer on the manager's desk. If lost or falls into the wrong hands, you risk losing access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, lockers, cabinets and vehicles.

    Stable and strong key control management means improved business intelligence. Recording and analyzing who is using keys—and where they’re using them—enables insights into business data you may not otherwise gather.

    Keylongest is a new fashionable, cloud-based, and modularized key management system, which is a locked physical cabinet that has individual locks for each key inside. The system can restrict user access for the keys. Users can only access the specific keys system allowed even though they've open the door. 


    Secure Your Keys

    Keep keys onsite and secure. Only authorized users are able to access the electronic key management system. Built from 1.2mm out Steel Casing, The K26 smart key dispenser will allow peace of mind providing after-hours access to your customer’s individual keys and keysets.

    Easy to Operate

    Users can more easily get inspiration from the well-known Android system and quickly familiarize themselves with its applications without having to learn a lot of professional knowledge in depth. In just 10 seconds, with simple taps on the touch screen, you can access your own key, even if the administrator is not on site.

    K26 keeps a record of key removals and returns - by whom and when. An essential addition to K26 Systems, smart key fob securely locks in place and monitors K26 keys whether removed so they are always ready for use. 

    This increases the level of accountability with your staff, which improves the responsibility and care they have with the organization's vehicles and equipment.


    K26 Key management cabinet

    Key Access Control

    Most of the time, we don't want the key to be accessed by too many people, and it is very important to restrict the users access.

    In Landwell Web, the system provides a variety of key authorization methods. for example:

    • Who can access the keys?
    • Which keys can be accessed by him/her?
    • key curfew
    • Key application
    • key reservation
    • Remote control by an absent administrator

    and many more

    Key Logs

    Experience tells us that orderly management can always reduce risks and avoid losses. A reliable record is essential. The electronic automatic key log system improves the manual measures and leaves no room for any forgetting and mistakes.

    Improve security, efficiency, and safety whatever industry you are in

    Key control sectors

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