Vehicle key tracking system

Short Description:

The Vehicle Key Tracking System is a comprehensive solution designed to monitor and manage the whereabouts of vehicle keys within a fleet or organizational context. This system employs advanced technology to track the movement and status of keys associated with individual vehicles.

  • Model: i-keybox
  • key Capacity: 32 keys
  • Color: black and white
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    Product description


    Anti-theft security: The vehicle key tracking system can effectively prevent vehicle theft through the integration of smart key cabinets.

    Remote control and management: The application of smart key cabinets enables car owners to control their vehicles remotely, especially in special situations, such as finding a parking space or needing to set off quickly.

    Increased efficiency: Vehicle tracking systems help improve the efficiency of fleet management. Through smart key cabinets, fleet managers can monitor vehicle location information in real time


    Risk reduction: The vehicle tracking system of the smart key cabinet helps reduce the risk of vehicle use.

    Product parameters

    Key Capacity Manage up to 4 ~ 200 keys
    Body Materials Cold Rolled Steel
    Thickness 1.5mm
    Color Gray-White
    Door solid steel or window doors
    Door Lock Electric lock
    Key Slot Key slots strip
    Android Terminal RK3288W 4-Core, Android 7.1
    Display 7” touchscreen (or custom)
    Storage 2GB + 8GB
    User Credentials PIN code, Staff card, Fingerprints, Facial Reader
    Administration Networked or Standalone

    Application scenarios

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