48 Key Positions i-keybox-M Intelligent Key Cabinet with Auto Door Closing

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The new generation of i-keybox electronic key control system is to secure, manage, and audit keys for your business. The system features that 7″ android touchable screen and easy to ues; features that restricting key permissions and usage time to prevent unauthenication access; features that web-based administration via most clients.

  • Model: i-keybox-M
  • Key Capacity: Up to 48 Keys / Key sets
  • Dimensions(mm): W630 * H695 * D190
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    Biometric Key Cabinet & Management Systems

    Finger vein, Facial recognition


    Track and manage key usage with a secure biometric key cabinet

    The new generation of i-keybox with auto door closing  is a scalable RFID key management solution that enables you to control, manage, and store your keys and can be customized to support your organization’s unique workflows.

    Relied upon 24hrs a day in a variety of industries, this trustworthy range of biometric key cabinet systems provide intelligent electronic key management for sector leading businesses, globally. The complete key management system provides a secure, tamper proof key storage solution with total control over key usage and activity across your network of cabinets.

    Integrated with access control readers for additional security, keys are quickly accessible for authorised staff through finger vein (or fingerprint) recognition, RFID, and/or PIN without the time-consuming hassle of manually checking out keys. Using the user-friendly cloud software application, view real time data relative to users and keys through events, bookings and alarms.

    Designed to fit specific site requirements

    Create custom and fully supported solutions to meet any unique business need. Available cabinet sizes include: 24, 32, 48, 100 and 200 keys. To manage more than 200 keys, the cabinet can be assembled with extension cabinets, operated by a single main controller with touch screen or keypad. Integrate a fingerprint or RFID access control reader for added security.

    Android based terminal


    ID & password
    Finger vein recognition
    Facial recognition
    RFID card
    Smart phone
    Multi-factor authentication

    Key Module & Key Tag

    With contactless RFID technology, inserting the tags in the slots does not result in any wear and tear.
    Illuminating key slots indicate correct key positions.

    Key Management Software

    User-friendly web-based management software

    The Landwell Web allows administrators to gain insight into all keys anywhere, anytime. It provides you with all the menus to config and track the whole solution. Mobile responsive user-friendly web application that provides complete control of the key management systems in a versatile way, allowing for growth of a network of cabinets and valuable analytics on the go. View real time data relative to users and keys through events, bookings and alarms. Take care of user management, key & item tracking, reporting, analytical data, and bookings.

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