Intelligent Car Key Management Cabinet

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The design of 14 independent pop-up doors, each of which can be opened and closed independently, ensures the management independence and security of each key. This design not only improves security, but also facilitates simultaneous use by multiple users to avoid key confusion.

  • Model: DL control
  • Key Capacity: 14 keys
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    High Security

    Intelligent key cabinet adopts high-level encryption technology, equipped with electronic locks and multiple authentication methods (e.g., password input and RFID card identification), effectively preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safe storage of keys.

    Real-time monitoring and recording
    The system has a built-in monitoring and recording function, which can record real-time information of each key access and return. Managers can view detailed usage records, including operation time, operator and other information through the system background for easy tracking and management.

    Convenient operating system
    Intelligent key cabinet is equipped with a touch screen operating interface, users can complete the key access and return through simple touch operation. The interface design is simple and intuitive, and users can be skillful in using it without complex training.

    Remote Management Function
    Supporting remote management through cell phone application or computer terminal, managers can check the use of keys anytime, anywhere, for remote authorization or locking, effectively improving management efficiency.

    Alarm and reminder function
    Intelligent key cabinet is equipped with alarm and reminder function, when illegal operation occurs or the key is not returned on time, the system will remind the management personnel through SMS, email or application push to take timely measures.

    Modularized design
    Modularized design is adopted for easy expansion and maintenance. Users can increase or decrease the number of pop-up doors according to the actual demand to meet the needs of different scenarios.



    Dimensions W717mm X H516mm X D160mm(W28.2" X H20.3" X D6.3")
    Net Weight approx. 31Kg (68.3lbs)
    Body Materials Steel + ABS
    Key Capacity up to 14 keys or key sets
    Colors Black and white or black and gray
    Installation Wall Mounting
    Environmental suitability -20° to +55°C, 95% non-condensing relative humidity


    Communication 1 * Ethernet RJ45, 1 * Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    USB 1 * USB port inside


    Operating System Based on Android
    Memory 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM


    Display     7" 600*1024 pixels fullview touchscreen
    Facial Reader 2 million pixel binocular wide dynamic face recognition camera
    Fingerprint Reader Capacitive fingerprint sensor
    RFID Reader 125KHz +13.56 dual frequency card reader
    LED Breathing LED
    Phsical Button 1 * Reset button
    Speaker Have
    Power Supply  In: 100~240 VAC, Out: 12 VDC
    Consumption 21W max, typical 18W idle


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