M Size i-keybox Automotive Electronic Key Cabinet

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The all-in-one series smart key cabinet has a one-piece cabinet body, and fewer screws or rivets are used inside, which eliminates the complicated connection steps between the cabinet body and the control host, and is easier to install and move. The system cabinet has 6 key modules with 8 slots, capable of holding 48 keys or sets of keys.

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The key system is designed to facilitate the issuance of Keys on as-needed basis, to define responsibility for issuance and collection of Keys and to encourage responsible care of Keys and Assets by the designated holders.

In most organizations, each building using mechanical locks will also be keyed to a secure Key, which may be used by select employee and security personnel. All keys are stored in a security control room, and key permissions are programmed by the security office and security personnel to limit employee access to the keys.

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Key control can be a complicated balancing act due to managing many moving parts and pieces while also keeping stakeholders happy. While technology continues to evolve, much of the security foundation of loss prevention and asset protection remains in the physical controls of locks and keys. Every facility uses some level of physical keys to keep products, employees, and the location secure. This makes the key control practices you implement in your organization the bricks that establish the strength of your security foundation. 

Landwell Key Control & Management System

The Landwell 2022 i-keybox intelligent key cabinet is a modular and scalable key management solution, providing a wide range of key control systems to meet the needs and size of your projects. It's designed to record the access history of each key, including user, date, and time of remove/return. By releasing assigned keys only to users with the proper authorization code, the i-keybox system helps to ensure adherence to the industry standardized policies and procedures. Constructed of rugged stainless steel, the illuminated key storage system is designed to resist abuse and is alarm protected against tampering.


Locking Key Slots Strip

  • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
  • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
  • Plug & Play solution with advanced RFID technolog

Android Based User terminal

We always use the well-known and stable Android all-in-one device as the on-site user terminal of the key control system. The 7-inch big, bright touch screen can always respond to your instructions immediately.

Android User Terminal on Landwell Key Cabinets


Landwell key cabinets are the perfect way to manage and control your keys. With a range of sizes, capacities, and features available, with or without door closers, solid steel or window doors, and other functional options. So, there's a key cabinet system to suit your need. All cabinets are fitted with an automated key control system and can be accessed and managed via web-based software. Plus, with a door closer fitted as standard, access is always quick and easy.

Key Capacity Manage up to 4 ~ 200 keys
Body Materials Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness 1.5mm
Color Gray-White
Door solid steel or window doors
Door Lock Electric lock
Key Slot Key slots strip
RFID type 125KHz ID (and 13.56MHz IC optional)
Android Terminal RK3288W 4-Core
Display 7” touchscreen (or custom)
Storage 2GB + 8GB
User Credentials PIN code, Staff card, Fingerprints, Facial Reader
Administration Networked or Standalone
web key management software

Web Management Software

The cloud-based management system eliminates the need to install any additional programs and tools. It only needs an Internet connection to be available to understand any dynamics of the key, manage employees and keys, and grant employees the authority to use the keys and a reasonable use time.

>  Administrator 

•Users, keys, access permissions administration
•Key reservation
•Key report, you always know who used which keys and when
•Keys Curfew
•Remote control by off-site administrator to remove keys
•See which user has accessed a key, and when
•Notify a manager via email alerts to critical events

>  APIs 

•Standard web-based APIs
•Easy integration with other systems for ease of administration and the ability to drive processes

Landwell electronic key management systems have been applied to a range of sectors across the world and help to improve security, efficiency and safety.


Is it right for you

An intelligent key cabinet might be right for your business if you experience the following challenges: Difficulty keeping track of and distributing a large number of keys, fobs, or access cards for vehicles, equipment, tools, cabinets, etc. Time wasted in manually keeping track of numerous keys (e.g., with a paper sign-out sheet) Downtime looking for missing or misplaced keys Staff lack accountability to look after shared facilities and equipment Security risks in keys being brought off premised (e.g., accidentally taken home with staff) The current key management system not adhering to the organization’s security policies Risks of having no re-key the entire system if a physical key goes missing

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