Hotel School Key Management System Digital Key Safe Box

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This product has 24 keys. Using the keybox smart key cabinet, you will no longer have to worry about key management in hotel schools. It will monitor the whereabouts of the key in real time and can also strictly define the key’s permissions. Using it can greatly reduce the cost of manual key management and increase efficiency.

  • Model: i-keybxo-S
  • Key Capacity: 48Keys
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    Compared to traditional methods, smart key management cabinets have the following advantages

    1.Improving security: Advanced authentication technology effectively prevents unauthorized key acquisition and reduces security risks.
    2.Real time monitoring and recording: monitoring the collection and return of keys, recording usage history, helps managers better monitor employee activities.
    3.Flexible and programmable: With permission management function, different permissions can be assigned to different users according to their needs, improving system controllability.
    4.Remote management: allows remote monitoring and management, making it easy for administrators to understand key usage anytime and anywhere.
    5.Reducing human error: Automation technology reduces the risk of safety issues caused by human negligence.

    Introduction to Smart Key Cabinet

    Product advantages and characteristics

    Who need key management


    Product parameters

    Model: All-in-one Auto Door Closer
    Weight: Based on actual situation
    Material: ColdM rolled steel plate
    Steel plate thickness: 1.2-2.0mm
    Management quantity: customizable
    Operating system: Android
    Screen: 7-inch touch screen
    Authentication method: ID/Face/Fingerprint
    Dimensions (W * H * D): 670*640*190mm

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