Landwell Large Key Capacity Sliding Electronic Key Cabinet

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Featuring space-saving automatic sliding doors with drawers and an elegant design, this product ensures efficient key management in modern office environments. When picking up the key, the door of the key cabinet will automatically open in a drawer at a constant speed, and the slot of the selected key will light up in red. After the key is removed, the cabinet door is automatically closed, and it is equipped with a touch sensor, which automatically stops when a hand enters.

  • Model: i-keybox (Sliding Door Series)
  • Key Capacity: 128
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    Stop worrying about forgetting to close the door.

    The i-keybox door closer is the new generation to control and manage keys. No more worrying about forgetting to close the door, therefore, it allows your organization to eliminate the risk of disease transmission by reducing frequent contact.


    • You always know who removed the key and when it was taken or returned
    • Define access rights to users individually
    • Monitor how often it was accessed and by whom
    • Invoke alerts in case of abnormal removing key  or overdue keys
    • Secure storage in steel cabinets or safes
    • Keys are secured by seals to RFID tags
    • Access to keys with face/fingerprint/card/PIN
    • Big, bright 10″ Android touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
    • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
    • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
    • PIN, Card, Fingerprint, Face ID access to designated keys
    • Keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff only
    • Remote control by off-site administrator to remove or return keys
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Networked or Standalone



    The Key receptor strips come standard with 10 key positions and 8 key positions. Locking key slots strip lock key tags in place and will only unlock them to authorized users. As such, the system provides the highest level of security and control for those with access to the protected keys and is recommended for those who need a solution that restricts access to each individual key. Dual-color LED indicators at each key position guide the user to quickly locate keys, and provide clarity as to which keys a user is allowed to remove. Another function of the LEDs is that they illuminate a pathway to the correct return position, should a user place a key set in the wrong place.



    The Key Tag is the heart of the key management system. The RFID key tag can be used for identification and the triggering of an event on any RFID reader. The key tag enables easy access without waiting time and without tedious handing signing in and signing out.


    The cloud-based management system eliminates the need to install any additional programs and tools. It only needs an Internet connection to be available to understand any dynamics of the key, manage employees and keys, and grant employees the authority to use the keys and a reasonable use time.


    Web-Based Management Software

    The Landwell Web allows administrators to gain insight into all keys anywhere, anytime. It provides you with all the menus to config and track the whole solution.




    Application on User Terminal

    Having a User Terminal with a touchscreen on key cabinets provides users with an easy and fast way to remove and return their keys. It's user-friendly, nice, and highly customizable. In addition, it offers complete features to administrators for managing keys.


    Handy Smartphone App

    Landwell solutions provide a user-friendly smartphone app, downloadable from Play Store and App Store. It is not just made for users, but also for administrators, offering most functionalities to manage keys.



    • Different Access Level
    • Customizable User Roles
    • Key Curfew
    • Key Reservation
    • Event Report
    • Alert Email
    • Two-Way Authorization
    • Two-Man Verification
    • Camera Capture
    • Multi Language
    • Automatic software update
    • Multi-Systems Networking
    • Release Keys by Administrators Off-site
    • Personalized Customer Logo & Standby on the Display



    An intelligent key cabinet might be right for your business if you experience the following challenges:

    • Difficulty keeping track of and distributing a large number of keys, fobs, or access cards for vehicles, equipment, tools, cabinets, etc.
    • Time wasted in manually keeping track of numerous keys (e.g., with a paper sign-out sheet)
    • Downtime looking for missing or misplaced keys
    • Staff lack accountability to look after shared facilities and equipment
    • Security risks in keys being brought off premised (e.g., accidentally taken home with staff)
    • The current key management system not adhering to the organization’s security policies
    • Risks of having no re-key the entire system if a physical key goes missing

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