LANDWELL X3 Smart Safe – Lock Box Designed for Offices/Cabinets/Shelves – Protect Personal Goods, Phones, Jewels, and More

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Introducing the Smart Safe Box, the perfect home security solution for your money and jewelry. This small safe box is easy to install and can be accessed using the free accompanying app on your smartphone. The Smart Safe Box is also equipped with fingerprint recognition, ensuring that only you can access your belongings. Keep your valuables safe and sound with the Smart Safe Box!

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There comes a time in every parent's life when hiding things in drawers and on shelves just doesn't work anymore. If your baby is moving around and grabbing furniture, it's time to have a smart safe that will keep your guns locked up and out of reach. A smart safe is also a worthwhile investment. There are only a few valuables - like passports, family jewelry, birth certificates, etc. - that most of us don't feel comfortable keeping in a file cabinet. Biometric technology (fingerprint scanning) means you can still quickly access these items when you need them. Not to mention they are safe from prying eyes, natural disasters, theft or worse.

L-X3 Smart Safes to Keep Valuables Ultra Protected The latest high-tech protection for your home that will stop thieves in their tracks.


The Smart Safe Box is a home safe that can be accessed and opened with your smartphone. You can also open it with your fingerprints, making it a small safe box that is perfect for money and jewelry. The digital IoT safe box is also tamper-proof, so you can be sure your belongings are always safe.

  • Metal Design
  • 24/7 Active Security
  • No-tool Installation
  • Protect Your Personal Valuables
  • Fingerprints Or Bluetooth To Unlock

Along with good looks, the beautifully designed Smart Safe may offer the most safety biometric authentication of any smart safe on the market.


All-inclusive APP Protection

No need to fumble for keys or remember a code. Just scan your fingerprint and the safe will open up. The Bluetooth connection also allows you to open it with your smartphone.


Data Sheet

Place of Origin Beijing, China
Model Number L-X3
Product name Smart Safe Box Fingerprint
Application Hotel, Home, Office
Color Grey/Wood/Pink
Battery 4 X AA
Function Secure Valuables and Handguns
Dimensions 17.5 X 15 X 30 cm
Inner Dimensions 13 X 23 X 10 cm
Weight 5Kg

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